Academic Success Course

Students enrolled in Academic Success meet once a week in a small group  online or in person. Students approach topics related to academic success and challenges that might impede the path to graduation. The course addresses the question of “what makes a student succeed in college?” Students learn strategies that may help improve their GPA and enrich their educational experience at Loyola.

Academic Success is listed on LORA under "special studies."

Spring 2021:

SPST.A230.A01: Online, first 8 week session with Prof. Malveaux (call #11130)

SPST.A230.WZI: Online, last 8 week session with Prof. Boatright (call #11131)

SPST.A230.W01: Online, asynchronous with Prof. Krikorian (call #11135)

SPST.A230.W02: Online, asynchronous with Prof. Musso (call #11134)

SPST.A230.002: Online, synchronous Thurs. @455pm with Prof. Araya (call #12004)

SPST.A230.003: Online, synchronous Mon @230pm with Prof. Waguespack (call #11132)


Click here to see the course syllabus.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Calculate the grades needed to maintain academic good standing and financial aid eligibility.
  • Recognize the connection between academic and financial college plans.
  • Explain the obstacles that prohibited a stronger GPA in the past.
  • Create a plan to improve their GPA.
  • Implement learning strategies to improve their academic performance.

This is a 1-credit course that is open to all undergraduate students at Loyola. While nearly every student can benefit from this course, those students in particular who may grow from the content and experience of Academic Success are students who are doing passing work, but may not be meeting their full academic potential; are eager to improve their GPA for academic good standing and/or financial aid eligibility; are having difficulty meeting course deadlines or expectations; are returning from time away from Loyola; or are facing academic challenges.