Exploratory Studies


Our mission is to ensure that students take advantage of the unique opportunities that come with being an exploratory student, that it allows students to actively engage with who they are, who they want to be, to identify their strengths, to critically examine their interests, and to develop the values they find essential.   

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What does “exploratory studies” mean to an undergraduate student?

Exploratory students might possess an interest in several academic disciplines, or might be weighing the academic and career options for one or two majors.  As a result, exploratory students are often still in the process of selecting an academic major, and our office is dedicated to helping students navigate that process. Exploratory can also include students who have already selected a major but are unsure about whether their current major is the right fit and the best path forward. In choosing to be exploratory, students are electing to think critically and holistically about their goals and taking care that their options align with their interests, skills, and values. 

What do we offer?

Our services are rooted in the best practices of Academic Advising and Success Coaching. We assist students in the development of skills that engage in holistic decision-making, experiential learning, and development of self.  Through our advising and coaching model, advisor-coaches engage students in goal-oriented action items that encourage students to explore identities, goals, interests, and values. Exploratory students can remain “exploratory” for their first two years of full-time enrollment, and can complete 55 credits directed toward exploring and ultimately selecting a major.  Exploratory students have access to a community of faculty and staff in their journey of selecting a major and will be assigned a faculty ally, or mentor, in addition to their advisor-coach in the Student Success Center. In the process of declaring a major, exploratory students will have gained an appreciation for the time they’ve invested in experiencing a range of disciplines and subjects and making an educated decision about their future that brings greater clarity and satisfaction. 

What can exploratory students expect?

Each student will assigned a primary exploratory studies advisor/coach along with a faculty ally/mentor.  Exploratory students can find their primary advisor information along with their faculty ally/mentor on their LORA account under “Student Records”

For career exploration, exploratory students will work collaboratively with a career advisor that specializes in exploratory learning opportunities.

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