Pre-Health/Pre-Med Timeline


Students considering application to Graduate level Health Care studies such as medical school, will fill out and submit Intent forms. The Intent Form will go live in the middle of the month and an announcement will be sent out campus wide via email.


The PHPC and Pre-health Professions Advisor will review potential applicant viability and will return with a decision regarding acceptance or rejection for committee endorsement or composite letter for applicants. This will be delivered individually to each potential applicant. Rejected applicants can then appeal the PHPC decision. (please see the flowchart link below).

December and January

Potential applicants will meet with Pre-health Professions Advisor, obtain instructions and materials to proceed with their application process. During this time students must identify and ask a minimum of four Faculty members or mentors to write evaluations for you.

February 1st every year

Deadline to submit the first draft of your personal statement to the Pre-health Professions Advisor for the PHPC to review.


May 1st Every Year

Deadline for the four evaluators to submit materials to Pre-health Professions Advisor for a PHPC composite letter.


Prepare your online applications for admissions (AMCAS, AADSAS, VMCAS, AACOMAS, CASPA, ETC). Submit transcript requests from the application service. Submit formal letter requests through application services to the Pre-health Professions Advisor or individual letter writers.


Stage 1 submission of application materials to most standardized application services (i.e. AMCAS, AADSAS, VMCAS, AACOMAS, CASPA, ETC.) begin. To be maximally competitive you want to submit your applications as early as possible in the application cycle. You can apply to Non-application service schools by contacting them in early June for instructions.

This includes TMSDAS schools and Non-US medical schools.

Register for the MCAT at at least 6 weeks prior to a testing date.
Prometric Center, 2424 Edenborn Ave., Metairie, LA.

Download a basic flowchart of your four years as a undergraduate Pre-health student.

Download a chart of the basic Pre-Health Coursework.

Download a flow chart of the Committee letter process here.