Process for Meal Plan Modifications

Process for Requesting Meal Plan Modifications or Exemption:

Students are required to self-report any food allergies, specific dietary or nutritional needs, or other health conditions or impairments that are impacted by diet to an Accessibility Counselor in the Office for Accessible Education (OAE).

Students must submit documentation in accordance with the university's guidelines for eligibility. OAE will review the documentation and send a referral to Dining Services.

A Dining Services staff member will request a meeting with the student to discuss the requested meal plan modification or exemption, after which Dining Services and OAE will collaborate to identify an appropriate accommodation and notify the student via email about the decision.

If the student is not satisfied with the approved accommodation, they may contact their Accessibility Counselor in the OAE to request an appeal. The OAE will consult with all necessary departments before informing the student of the final decision via email.