How do I appeal my financial aid?

If you recently received a letter from Financial Aid about your federal financial aid eligibility, called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), you have 30 days to appeal for funding for one more semester. 

Here are the steps for a financial aid appeal: 

1. Download the Satisfactory Academic Progress Request for ReviewHere

2. Draft a 1-2 page letter of explanation about your grades and/or credits earns. We suggest the following format:

  • What obstacles got in the way? How am I taking responsibility for these obstacles? 
  • What successes or improvements can you highlight?
  • What will you have in place to ensure success? 

3. Schedule a meeting with a Success Coach in the Student Success Center to create an academic plan. We can meet in person, by phone or by Google hangout. Here are our calendars. 

4. Prior to your success coach meeting, review and edit this academic plan template

5. Our goal is to support you through the financial aid appeal process. We will help you understand policy, provide feedback when appropriate, and create a plan for success. The Financial Aid Appeals committee makes the final decision.