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Reflection: Being an Online Adult Learner in 2020 Webinar

In this webinar, current Loyola online students share their stories about returning to school while juggling responsibilities and managing to succeed in their classes. Our hope is their inspirational stories will prompt further reflection and provide you with tips for succeeding as online learners. 

Click here to view the recording of this webinar.

Passcode: i5?J2wx2

Free Emergency Coaching

Being an online student is challenging, and right now things are more challenging than ever. Along with focusing on school, career, and graduation goals, you may also be in need of additional resources for yourself or a family member. Loyola has partnered with InsideTrack to provide coaching to students who may be experiencing difficulties or potential difficulties with any of the following: 

●     Food Security

●     Shelter or Housing

●     Finances

●     Stress and health

●     Childcare/Caregiving

●     Transition to online learning

●     Managing School

If you would like to discuss getting assistance with any of the above, please fill out the form on the Emergency Coaching Network website and an InsideTrack coach will be in touch with you in 1-2 business days. 

For more information about our success coaching program, please visit our Services page.

Online Student Newsletter

We have a biweekly publication for our online student population that includes sections on the latest news, tips and tools, and spotlights for outstanding students, faculty and staff in the Loyola Online community.

Here are our previous newsletters:

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If you would like to receive Loyola’s Online Student Newsletter, sign up for the biweekly email here

Academic Calendar

We strongly encourage all students to frequently check the academic calendar for important upcoming dates. All calendars for current and upcoming sessions can be accessed here. 

Spring 2021 Online Academic Calendar


Online tutoring for certain subjects is included in current students' tuition and fees. Go to the "Online Student Resources" course in Canvas and click on " 24/7 Online Tutoring" on the left side of the page. You are assigned three hours. If you need more time please email us at

Online Students @Loyola University New Orleans Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group where you can get to network with your peers. You can join the group by clicking here.

Library Resources

The Monroe Library takes the specific needs of online learners and instructors very seriously. All Loyola students on campus and off campus are encouraged to take advantage of our collection of texts and research databases. Visit their Online Student Support page to learn more about the resources you have available to you as a distance learner.

Office for Accesible Education (OAE)

The OAE provides accommodations to support eligible students complete their online coursework. To see a full list of the services they offer, click here.

Office of Writing & Learning Services (OWLS)

Have a paper for class that you'd like someone else to look over? OWLS offers writing assistance and constructive criticism to help make your paper stronger. If you're a distance learner that would like to submit a paper to OWLS for feedback, click here. 

Student ID

If you would like to get a Loyola ID card (not required) you can do that online by sending a self-taken photo with no background, your student ID number and your address to Please mention that you are an online student. In case you are close to campus and you would prefer to come here and get your ID, then you would have to go to Parking Services, located on the first floor of Biever Hall across from University Police. Make sure you have another form of identification with you.