Success Coaching

Success Coaching empowers students to set and achieve personal and academic goals. Our success coaches are full-time staff members who will help you navigate your life as an online learner at Loyola and take proactive steps toward a successful academic experience, from enrollment to degree completion. We know that online adult learners might struggle with challenges such as time management, procrastination, technology, and sometimes with relearning how to be a student. We are here to listen, help you set goals and find strategies to create balance.

Our Coaches

Dr. Corina Todoran is the online student success coordinator, certified success coach and trainer who has been coaching Loyola online learners and has developed support strategies over the past two years. Her doctoral degree, coaching and teaching experience in adult education, and her genuine care for online learners have provided an in-depth understanding of adult learners’ challenges and opportunities for success in higher education. She is always excited to connect with you and you can reach out whenever you have any questions. 

To schedule a phone call or in person/virtual meeting: - Call: 504.865.2095 - Text: 985-605-0038

Esme Robert has been a coach for online students working toward achieving their High School Equivalency Test for two and a half years. As a Loyola alumna, she's excited to join our team to serve the community that shaped her into who she is today. With experience at many levels of education from elementary to college to teaching formerly incarcerated men and women, Esme believes deeply in making education accessible for all members of our community. She cherishes the opportunity to be a part of your educational journey as a success coach.

To schedule a phone call or in person/virtual meeting: - Call 504.865.2496 - Text 504.323.4762

What are our students saying about their time with Loyola Online?

“I am a veteran and am using the Montgomery G.I. Bill for tuition.  It was very easy to get registered and start classes. I travel internationally for work and my schedule is very hectic, but I always get the help I need to stay up to date with the classes.  Even when I’ve had scheduling conflicts, the Loyola staff has been very accommodating. I would absolutely recommend this school to any veterans or anyone considering an online program.”

 - Dylan S.

“I’ve received great support from the Student Success Coordinator, Corina Todoran who has never been shy at talking me through a problem and is always excited to be a partner in the journey of learning for anyone she meets.” 

-Randy R.

“The support I have received so far has been fantastic! Everyone from admissions, my advisor and to the financial aid team have gone above and beyond to make sure that I am set up for success. Going back to school as an adult learner and being out of the game for some time already presents its own unique challenges, but hands down the staff at Loyola have made my entire experience a breeze.”

-Christina P.