Vision Statement

Students Collaboration in Open Area

The SSC is inspired by the teachings of St. Ignatius, who encouraged his followers to practice critical thinking, listening, and deliberative skills as they worked through their own formation as individuals. Likewise, the SSC seeks to create a friendly, welcoming environment, a place where students can come to schedule their classes, complete homework, write a paper, attend a workshop, or receive encouragement on anything from transitional issues to writing a personal statement to understanding the biology of cells.

The SSC is a valuable resource for all students, whether a senior with years of coursework or a first year student still learning the ropes. The SSC is a place of transformation, where students define goals and pursue their road to graduation.

The SSC is also a resource for the Loyola community. The SSC staff is available to help professors design assignments, schedule class visits, meet with individual classes, or create topic-specific workshops and talks. From the Universal Design of Learning to Supplemental Instruction, the SSC provides faculty and staff with the research and resources needed to support 21st century learners.