Vision Statement

Students Collaboration in Open Area

Vision Statement

We foster an inclusive, welcoming environment to empower students to successfully transition to Loyola, through graduation, and into meaningful lives with and for others.

Mission Statement

The Pan-American Life Student Success Center (SSC) at Loyola University New Orleans aims to provide support to students in pursuit of their academic, personal, and professional goals and in doing so impact students’ academic success, retention, graduation, and career outcomes.

Goals and Priorities  

  • Foster a welcoming student-centered environment that is accessible and easy to use.
  • Promote diversity, inclusivity, and student self-advocacy.
  • Engage students in success- and goal-oriented support services.
  • Collaborate with campus and community partners to integrate services and enhance opportunities for Loyola students.
  • Empower students to celebrate their talents, creativity, and courage while learning life-long skills to lead meaningful lives with and for others.