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Being a Peer Mentor

What is a peer mentor?

Peer mentors will meet twice a month with first-year, first-generation students to address adjustment challenges and to teach them how to navigate Loyola’s resources. Peer mentors support first-year students in meeting their educational, personal, spiritual, and social needs throughout their first year of college.

Peer mentors are a knowledgeable and experienced guide; a trusted ally and advocate; a caring role model that helps to improve the overall quality of life for a new student

What are the minimum qualifications to become a peer mentor?

  • Have excellent academic standing, with an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher

  • Work cooperatively in a team or group setting

  • Genuinely care for other students and demonstrate the Jesuit ideals of Loyola University New Orleans

  • Broadly understand campus resources

  • Effectively balance personal time

  • Able to attend the First in the PACK training sessions and First in the PACK Meet and Greet, and other First in the PACK events

What are the responsibilities of a peer mentor?

  • Provide guidance and support to 1-3 first-year students by creating an atmosphere of openness, caring, and concern where meaningful communication and trust can exist

  • Orient your first-year student(s) to the resources available on-campus; Encourage him/her to utilize these resources

  • Encourage your first-year student(s) to meet with their professors early in the semester to open communication and to identify any potential weaknesses

  • Assist your first-year student(s) in academic goal setting

  • Encourage your first-year student(s) to stay informed about his/her academic performance

  • Help your first-year student(s) integrate into the social life of the university by attending events together and by encouraging him or her to join clubs and pursue leadership opportunities.

How do I apply to be a First in the PACK peer mentor?

Each spring semester, the First in the PACK Committee opens the application process. For more information, contact Nydia Araya, Advisor/Coach and First in the PACK Peer Mentor Coordinator,

Additional Peer Mentor Resources: