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Faculty and Staff Allies

First in the PACK Faculty and Staff Allies

At Loyola New Orleans, our students already benefit from a faculty and staff that consistently demonstrate genuine and intentional investment into the student experience. Being a Faculty and Staff Ally for the First in the PACK provides an opportunity for many of these same faculty and staff to focus a measure of their investment toward our first-year, first-generation students.

Why Become an Ally

First-year, first-generation students are in a unique position when entering college. Not only are they acclimating to all the novelty and autonomy accompanying college life, as are other first-years, but they are also doing so often without a support system that can provide firsthand knowledge or support. Being the first in your family to attend college can even mean you are navigating the experience alone. However, our goal is that no first-year, first-generation student participating in First in the PACK would feel alone or unsupported in their experience. Critical to accomplishing this is the role of the First in the PACK Faculty and Staff Ally.

As a Faculty and Staff Ally within the program, you are committing to come alongside these participants in their times of need and help them by guiding them toward the appropriate resources and, where possible, be that resource.

Below are the qualifications and essential duties we ask of our Faculty and Staff Allies:


  • Care for our students and a demonstration of the Jesuit ideals of Loyola University New Orleans
  • Broadly understand campus resources

Essential Duties:

  • Support of first-year, first-generation students throughout their first year at Loyola
  • Reach out to First in the PACK students affiliated with your department to welcome them to Loyola and be open to corresponding with these students as needed 
  • Be open to being a resource for First in the PACK students with questions related to your department or area of expertise
  • Attend at least three First in the PACK events per semester

How to Apply:

If you believe you meet these qualifications and can perform these essential duties, please complete the application to be a Faculty and Staff Ally for the First in the PACK! You can apply to become a 2021 First in the PACK Faculty and Staff Ally by following this link. The application will remain open until February 2021. If you have any questions, please reach out to Nydia Araya at