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Student-Led Initiatives

Why Does It Matter? Podcast


First-generation students, faculty, and staff make up a notable part of Loyola New Orleans University, whether that be professors, colleagues, or students; each has unique experiences of being the first in their family to embark on the journey of attending university. At all levels, they contribute to the greater Wolf-Pack community in a manner that is invaluable for everyone involved. Without their efforts and contributions, Loyola University New Orleans would not be what it is today. Their stories are not some “heroic, cliché” tale, but rather, they are raw, unfiltered stories filled with triumphs, challenges, resilience, determination, and sacrifice. Through their testimonies, we want to amplify the voices of individuals who identify as first-generation so their stories can be heard, understood, and appreciated. Listeners of the podcast are challenged to understand better the experiences of first-generation students, faculty, and staff, with the goal of merging differing worlds into one greater community because everyone’s stories matter.



Like a Girl Program


Like a Girl is a multitiered mentoring program aiming to provide students with personal, professional, and academic guidance at Loyola University New Orleans through the direction of students, faculty, and professional mentors. The primary targeted audience for this program is underrepresented women entering college with an interest in majoring in Finance and/or Accounting. The program will offer professional development workshops, resume & cover letter revisions, and mock interviews throughout the academic year for committed program members. Additionally, to reach a broader audience and make the material more accessible, Like a Girl will produce a student-led podcast on improving financial literacy, deciphering business jargon, and women in finance. The podcast's goal would be to provide advice and assistance for all students nationwide regarding the dynamic world of finance and accounting, particularly regarding women in the field. Like a Girl will also have a website and blog where posts summarize the podcast episodes and provide resources to develop young women in the business industry further.