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What is First-in-the-Pack?

What is FITP?


As you already know, being the trailblazer in your family is a challenging reality, especially during the first year of college. We want you to know that you are not alone in these experiences and that many members of the Wolfpack community, students, staff, and faculty, proudly wear the badge of being a First-Generation college student! Here at Loyola University New Orleans, our coalition, First-in-the-Pack, is a community of first-generation students, faculty, and staff that connect to share experiences, learn from one another, and engage in events and resources catering to your definition of success here!

What do we do?


First-in-the-Pack is more than just an organization; we are movement that uplifts a community of individuals who identify as first-gen and carry the challenges of that identity. First-in-the-Pack host student-led workshops, mentorship and coaching, and exclusive networking experiences throughout the year for first-generation students. You can get involved with First-in-the-Pack through the following: 

  1. The First-in-the-Pack Council - A student-led group of leaders working towards improving the student experience for first-gen students.
  2. The College & Community Course - A course designated to helping first-generation students adjust to their first year in college.
  3. Student-Led Initiatives for Students - Student-created programs, organizations, and projects catering to the needs of first-generation students. 
  4. First-Gen Oriented Resources - Resources catered for first-generation students to better understand the landscape of higher education.

A first-generation student, also known as a first-gen student, is an individual who is the first in their immediate family to pursue and complete a college or university education. In other words, neither of their parents or guardians has obtained a bachelor's degree or higher.


First-generation students often face unique challenges and obstacles in navigating the higher education system due to a lack of familial guidance and familiarity with the academic environment. They may lack knowledge about the college application process, financial aid options, and the various resources available to support their academic journey. Despite these challenges, first-gen students demonstrate resilience and determination in pursuing their educational goals.

There are several ways to get personally involved with First-in-the-Pack:

  1. Join the First-in-the-Pack Council - Contact Mr. Paul Chu (
  2. Attend events & workshops throughout the semester
  3. Join sub-organizations of FITP, such as Like a Girl, Why Does It Matter Podcast, etc.
  4. Start your own organization under the FITP umbrella!