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What is First in the PACK?

We are proud to have a large number of students who identify as the first person in their family to attend college!

Loyola defines a “first-generation student” as a student who is the first in their immediate family, other than their sibling(s), to pursue their bachelor’s degree.

First in the PACK is a mentoring program that helps first-year, first-generation college students make a successful transition to Loyola University New Orleans! First-year student participants have the opportunity to regularly meet with mentors to ask questions and explore campus life and resources. Mentors will help first-year participants meet their educational, personal, spiritual, and social goals during their first year of college.

When you join our program, you are matched with an upperclassman mentor and connected to a community of faculty, staff, and student allies. This campus-wide network will help you to further develop both your strengths and skills as a first-generation student and teach you how to navigate Loyola’s many resources and opportunities!

Want to learn more information about this program? Watch the First in the Pack Q&A Session!