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TRIO SSS Graduates

TRIO Graduates

Class of 2023


Vivian Alvarez      Vivian Alvarez

       Major: Pre-Law Philosophy

       Minor: Business Administration

Hi everyone! My name is Viviana Alvarez. I am a graduating senior majoring in pre-law Philosophy and minoring in Business Administration. My plan after graduation is to take a gap year and study for the LSAT. My end goal is to attend law school. Organizations that I was a part of during my time here at Loyola are the Student Government Association, the Nu Mu Citywide chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, LUCAP, University Honors Association, and last but not least, TRIO! 

Something I wish I knew before starting my college journey is how important gratitude is. Typically when I faced hardship prior to attending college, my initial instinct was to give up and think negatively about my situation. However, to be real, college is full of ups and downs. Some of the most challenging times in my life have occurred during college, and one thing that keeps me centered is gratitude. As first-generation students, we navigate through many unknowns. It is easy to get down in the dumps about things that go wrong and about not knowing how to maneuver a situation. Remember that college is a puzzle piece to a bigger picture of accomplishment and changing the trajectory of your family’s history. There is much gratitude to be found in and of that action alone. This sentiment helped me continue my journey through college.



Jacinta Bacot      Jacinta Bacot

       Major: Biology

       Minor: Chemistry

"One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals." --Michelle Obama

Jacinta Bacot is a biology pre-medicine major with a minor in chemistry. During her time at Loyola, in addition to being a TRIO student and Peer Mentor, she was in a plethora of organizations such as the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS), Health Professions Organization (HPO), Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, and Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society. After graduation, she will participate in a summer medical program at Ochsner Medical Center. She hopes to gain clinical experience in preparation for medical school as she pursues her goal of becoming a neurosurgeon.




Natalie Craddieth       Natalie Craddieth

        Major: Philosophy

        Minor: Psychology

From the moment I was born in Los Angeles, California, to a young, unwed mother and a father struggling with addiction, life had prepared me for the challenges that lay ahead. Growing up in West Point,  Mississippi, I faced abusive environments, both in my family and personal life. These experiences, though painful, have cultivated in me a deep sense of compassion, a value that has only grown stronger as I've journeyed through life. My academic history is marked by a pursuit of excellence, even in the face of adversity. At West Point High School, I was involved in various activities, including band, journalism, student council, and tennis, all of which earned me multiple scholarship opportunities. At Alcorn State University, I continued my active involvement but left school due to depression. Undeterred, and 35 years later, I went on to excel at Delgado Community College and Loyola University New Orleans, where earned numerous accolades and held leadership positions in prestigious organizations. Through these experiences, I developed vital analytical, communication, and perseverance skills. My unconventional work history began at the age of 14, driven by the desire to provide for myself. Since then, I've held various roles that have honed my abilities to think critically, exercise sound judgment, and persevere. From my early days as a grant writer advocating for the disenfranchised to manage billion-dollar programs as a Grant Administrator, I've been committed to public service and justice. My work as a consultant post-Hurricane Katrina, supporting the revitalization of impacted communities, reflects my dedication to giving voice to the marginalized. In the financial services industry, I've successfully processed millions of dollars in loans for minority and women business owners across the US, developed efficient strategies, and led teams to success, all while maintaining a commitment to ethical leadership. My experience as an Employee and Labor Relations Specialist has further equipped me to navigate complex legal situations, manage a diverse workforce, and resolve conflicts. Now, at this pivotal moment in my life, I am ready to embark on the journey of becoming an attorney. I believe that my unconventional experiences have prepared me to excel in law school, and ultimately, to serve my clients, colleagues, and community with the empathy, dedication, and expertise that my life has taught me. With unwavering resolve, I look forward to attending law school, passing the bar exam, and practicing law, guided by the principles of justice and public service that have always been close to my heart.


Rhiannon LevensonRhiannon Levenson

Major: Psychology

I was in NSLS, as well as TRIO. My plans after graduation are to take the fall off before going to grad school.














Breanna Henry

Breanna Henry

Major: Mass Communication & English











Lillie Marie JohnsonLillieMarie Johnson

Major: English











Ginia Lawson

Major: Criminology and Justice

Class of 2022


Alyssa HughesAlyssa Hughes

Major: Music Industry Studies-Jazz Voice

I am Alyssa Hughes and I'm a part of the Sigma Alpha Iota - Theta Psi chapter of our music fraternity, serving as a member and a corresponding secretary. Additionally, I am also a founding member of Loyola's Association for Transfer Students (LATS) here on campus. My plan after graduation is to secure a job within the music industry within the marketing sector preferably in Houston, TX (back at home) if I am able. If I'm not able to get a job back at home in Houston, my choices after that would be Austin, Nashville, or New York. A parting thought that I would like to share, especially for freshmen that have come in this year is to put your health (mentally, physically, and emotionally) first. Because, while school is important it will not be enjoyable or productive if you aren't well. You come first regardless of what your professors say. If you need need to take a mental break because you are feeling overwhelmed, do it! Just make sure to communicate with the professor, most of whom are pretty understanding (emphasis on most, there are a few exceptions, but if you do face difficulty with professors go to the Office of Accommodations - they will help). The first thing to usually do when stressed is the quality of overall health. So make sure to meditate, read, take a walk, or whatever you do to center yourself, that has helped me tremendously during my journey here at college; especially the battles and obstacles of my mental and physical health. Lastly, if you are an undecided major early on here at Loyola don't feel like you need to be rushed into a certain major, do what feels natural and enjoyable to you. I wish you all the best of luck on your college journey! Thank you TRIO for all that you've done for me!



Crystal Roa

Crystal Roa

Major: Sociology

Minor: Spanish

I was born here in New Orleans. My parents are from Central  America. At Loyola, I am a First Gen, Latina woman. I am majoring in sociology, involved in Krewe leading, was KL 2020 which was the covid-19 era. Fall of 2021 became KLC which is the coordinator for the KL's. President of CSA, mentor for CA's from 2019 until now.  Did service learning with Typhanie, explore with what I have passion for or what catches my interest. In 2019 I got an internship at Luke's house clinic located in Central Business District, as internship I am a translator who is responsible for converting information from one language to another, working in clinical, technical, legal, and literary.


Rudraneel Chaudhuri

Rudraneel Chaudhuri

Major: Business Administration 











Shamaria Bell

Shamaria Bell

Major: Sociology

I was born and raised in Washington D.C. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I hope to enjoy the next year back home or in California doing event planning.









Taylor StanberryTaylor Stanberry

Major: Psychology









Jathiya Kazi

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies


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