Success Coaching


Success coaching echoes the core values of Loyola’s Jesuit mission, providing students the space to stop and reflect on their lives. Our mission is to support and assist students as they define, pursue and attain personal and academic goals. Through continuous professional development, coaches learn to guide students as they navigate life at Loyola and connect to the services,  programs and resources that promote success from enrollment to graduation. We empower students to move from thought to action, learning the skills necessary to act as agents of change in their own lives and in their communities.


Success coaching is a personalized program to support you in achieving your goals. This type of coaching has had a significant impact on students who are making the transition to college life. Students who work with a success coach tend to get better grades and be more effective in balancing school, work, and campus activities. They are also more likely to complete their degree on time. Bottom line: Your success coach will help you navigate life at Loyola and get you connected to the services and programs at Loyola that will promote your personal success.

Success coaches are full-time staff members or graduate assistants from in the Office of Academic Advising and Success Coaching. Success coaches come from different backgrounds and interests and are sensitive to the needs of Loyola’s diverse student body. They’ve undergone extensive training that has prepared them to work with students like you.

Success coaches work with you to make sure you have the tools and resources you need to have a great academic experience. They’ll work with you to develop great habits and set milestones for your progress. Together, you’ll reflect on what’s going well and discuss how you can overcome challenges when they arise.

Success coaches also support you in managing your life outside of school because things like extracurricular activities, roommate issues, finances, or even family obligations can sometimes affect your academic progress. Your success coach is a valuable partner to your academic adviser. Your academic adviser can help you make choices about what courses to take and advise on the specific skills you need for your chosen major. Your coach helps you get the most from your coursework and everything Loyola has to offer.

Student learning outcomes

After regular success coaching, students should be able to...

  • Work with advisors/coaches to reflect on what knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs they will need to be successful in college and beyond.
  • Develop well thought out and specific plans of action to progress toward their stated academic, career and personal development goals. 
  • Connect with the resources and opportunities Loyola offers to support students.
  • Understand as fully as possible how to navigate college life and which offices are best suited to help with different questions and concerns.