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Requesting Support & Adjustments

Student support and adjustments are determined on an individual basis through an interactive process that includes input from the student, licensed and credentialed evaluators, OAE staff, and relevant university officials, when necessary, to enable maximal participation in all university functions.

To request an adjustment, students should follow the process summarized below:

1. Contact the OAE via phone, email, mail, or in person.

Dial 7-1-1 to use Hamilton Relay in Louisiana or call one of the toll free numbers


2. Participate in an initial interview to discuss academic adjustments that, if implemented, would provide equal access to a university-sponsored course, program, or activity. 


3. Review the instructions for submitting appropriate documentation that meets the university's guidelines for eligibility determination.

Academic and Housing

(Not for Emotional Support Animal)


(Emotional Support Animals)

Accommodation Request Form (PDF)

Accommodation Request Form (Word)

Accommodation Request Form for ESA (PDF)

Accommodation Request Form for ESA (Word)



(Note: We will gladly attempt to review various types of documentation to help satisfy guideline criteria; a form has been made available as an option for providing updated information or if other types of documentation are not available.)


If determined eligible for adjustments, students must:

  • For academic adjustments--Identify the specific courses for which implementation will be necessary and notify all relevant instructors of the need for support via the Clockwork Student Portal.

  • For non-academic adjustments (housing, meal plan modification or exemption, parking, facilities)--Collaborate with an OAE Accessibility Counselor to properly notify relevant staff or department heads of the specific need. 

  • Continue to engage in an interactive process with OAE and the course instructor or deparment head to discuss specific implementation and ongoing effectiveness of the adjustment.

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