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OAE Documentation Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines 

In order to qualify for services and accommodations, a student must provide appropriate documentation of the student’s disability to OAE. OAE will maintain a copy of these records for seven (7) years after the student has left the University. Appropriate documentation will assist in determining reasonable accommodations.

Documentation must be recent enough to demonstrate the current need for reasonable accommodations. The description of functional limitations provided in the documentation must specifically state how the disability and/or related medications or treatments substantially limit current participation in courses, programs, services, or activities of the University. The cost of obtaining appropriate documentation is the responsibility of the student. If the documentation is incomplete or inadequate to support a request for accommodation, additional documentation may be required.

Documentation should include the following components:

  • Completed by a licensed or credentialed professional.
  • Describes the impact of the disability in the academic environment.
  • Describes the functional limitations of the student's disability and the specific impact these have on the student in an academic environment and campus environment.
  • A description of the expected duration, frequency, severity, and progression of the condition (if applicable).
  • A description of accommodations utilized in the past (if applicable.)

Examples of Disability Documentation

  • Educational, psychological, or medical records.
  • Psychoeducational evaluations.
  • Reports and assessments created by licensed mental health or medical healthcare providers and psychologists.
  • 504 plans or IEPs, but additional documentation may be required. 
  • Documents such as Audiology Reports and Vision Assessments.

OAE has developed the Accommodation Request Form that can be used to facilitate the gathering of necessary documentation.  The student should complete the student part and the provider complete their part or provide the outlined information in a separate document.  If the student does submit existing documentation, they should also submit the student section of the Accommodation Request Form.