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Academic Resources

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Dates and deadlines matter.  Bookmark the Academic Calendars for every semester so you can avoid missing deadlines and opportunities. The calendar includes deadlines for dropping, Withdrawing, refunds, grades, holidays, final exams, and more...

  • Just one quick example... this would be an excellent time to check your "final" schedule in your LORA account:
  • Choose the "Student Services" option and nagivate to Student Records -- click "Schedule." Make sure that there are no "extra" classes in there -- if you were waitlisted for a class, you may have gotten in without realizing it. You should drop it immediately if you no longer need it. Contact your advisor or department chairperson for assistance if needed.
  • Missing a class? You can generally ADD classes to your schedule until the end of the 1st week of classes.
  • Too many classes? You can generally drop classes until the end of the 2nd week of school. (Roughly 15 credits per semester is the official recommendation...)

There are 3 chances to refine your schedule each semester:

  • When the semester starts, students usually have the first week of classes to continue ADDING courses. Always check the Academic Calendars to ensure you're working with the correct dates -- there are sub-sessions within the semester (1st and last 8-week sessions, for example) that have their own, different, key dates. If in doubt, check directly with Student Records immediately: 504-865-3237
  • Typically students can also DROP courses through the first and second week of school (again, beware of the sub-sessions -- their deadlines are usually much shorter). When students DROP courses, the courses do not appear on their transcripts.
  • If a student stays in a course past the official drop-deadline (whether it was for the regular semester or for a sub-session), but does not wish to finish the class for any reason, there is only one option remaining, which is to Withdraw from the course.
  • The course WILL appear on transcripts with a "grade" of "W," but does NOT factor into GPA calculations.
  • Withdrawals can be processed several ways, depending on whether we are social-distancing or not. If we aren't social-distancing, Withdrawals can be initiated by completing a short and simple form (available in Student Records, and which gets returned directly to Student Records). If we ARE social-distancing, we try to do everything over email. Always put your full name and your campus-wide ID# in the Subject of any email you write at Loyola -- it will help us help you faster!
  • The deadline for Withdrawals is near the end of the semester or the session (check the Academic Calendars for the exact dates and for sub-session dates).
  • This allows students to check their near-final grade for a class and make an educated decision about whether there are enough opportunities remaining in the class to positively impact their grade, or whether it would be better to Withdraw in order to protect their GPAs.

You ideally want two items for the art of degree-tracking: Your DPCL ("degree-program course-listing") and your academic progress report (“U-Achieve” or your "audit").

  • The DPCL is a list of all your requirements. U-Achieve takes it a step further, and matches the classes you take to the requirements they fulfill.
  • Access U-Achieve through your Single-Sign-On or through LORA under the Student Records menu. After getting into the program, click the large red “Run Audit” button.

U-Achieve is a very simple program with 3 easy indicators regarding the status of your requirements:

  • The red Xs indicate missing items.
  • The blue dots indicate a course in which you are enrolled that is about to start or is already in progress.
  • The green check-marks indicate that an item has been satisfied.

If you do nothing else, be sure to look at your U-Achieve every semester -- check it before registration-advising to figure out your next classes, and check it the day after you register to make sure the classes you signed up for are actually fulfilling the requirements you thought they would.

Some folks like to have a list for their list! If you like a good checklist, and want a 1-page snapshot of your status relative to graduation, then find your DPCL and follow the instructions below.

  • DPCLs are found in the Undergraduate Bulletin according to College.
  • There's a link to the Bulletin on every webpage.
  • Navigate to your college, then your department. Scroll down the page to the end of the description of your Major to find the degree-program-course-listing. This is a good page to bookmark.
  • Print a copy of your DPCL, or save it to file. You can update these by hand or electronically using the free Adobe Reader software "Fill and Sign" function.
  • Now fill in your DPCL using your U-Achieve audit:

  • Access U-Achieve through your Single-Sign-On or through LORA under the Student Records menu. After getting into the program, click the large red “Run Audit” button.
  • A detailed listing of the courses you have completed, as well as the courses you still need, will be displayed in several formats. The best-detailed information is found below the graphs and charts.
  • Each section of your DPCL corresponds to a section in U-Achieve. "Expand All" in U-Achieve or expand the individual sections by clicking the chevrons (>) next to each category.
  • Go through your DPCL section by section: For classes you have successfully completed, update the grade-lines on your DPCL with your actual grades.
  • For classes in which you are registered, but have not yet started or finished: Mark the corresponding grade-lines of your DPCL with the semester in which you’ll take (or are taking) the classes (for example, Fall 2020 is abbreviated 20F, Spring 2021 will be 21S, and Summer 2021 is 21M).
  • Now that your DPCL is current, you have a quick-view guide to what’s missing and which courses you should look for in LORA. You’re now ready to craft your next proposed “working schedule.”

Most important of all: Do not wait to set up the meeting with your advisor -- delaying may cause you to miss out on classes you wanted to take.

Our Office of Writing & Learning Services has curated resources to help you with every aspect of your writing.

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Find resources to support your needs every step of the way

Current Students

Services Overview


Improve your GPA and learn valuable skills to succeed. This is a 1-credit course that is open to all undergraduate students at Loyola.

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Students who have not maintained a 2.0 GPA, the required GPA for good academic standing, are not alone on their journey back to good academic standing and graduation. We partner with students to develop an individual plan for success, a plan that can be part of a financial aid or academic standing appeal. See below instructions if you need to appeal for your financial aid.

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If you recently received a letter from Financial Aid about your federal financial aid eligibility, called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), you have 30 days to appeal for funding for one more semester.

Here are the steps for a financial aid appeal:

1. Download the Satisfactory Academic Progress Request for Review here.

2. Draft a 1-2 page letter of explanation about your grades and/or credits earns. We suggest the following format:

a. What obstacles got in the way? How am I taking responsibility for these obstacles? 

b. What successes or improvements can you highlight?

c. What will you have in place to ensure success?

3. Schedule a meeting with an Advisor-Coach in the Student Success Center to discuss your academic success plan.

Our goal is to support you through the financial aid appeal process. We will help you understand the policy, provide feedback when appropriate, and create a plan for success. The Financial Aid Appeals committee makes the final decision.

Campus Resources

Part of the Pack!

Loyola University New Orleans is committed to providing a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom and into every dimension of each student’s life. The on-campus experience is part of what makes Loyola so special.

The deepest learning and strongest bonds form when students are in an environment that's not just comfortable, but intellectually and creatively stimulating. 

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When students head to the dining hall, we hope they’ll run into friends at every meal. Students can choose from a 10 dining stations, including a grill, deli, soup, or classics featuring housemade dishes. The bakery serves up freshly baked desserts, and the there are vegetarian entrees daily. There is also fun programming including Farmers Markets, themed meals and special celebrations. Loyola University New Orleans also offers a reciprocal dining program with Tulane University giving students another 25 plus dining options on Tulane’s campus.

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Student Health Services provides primary care treatment for and education about personal health issues for all Loyola students—residential and non-residential, full-time and part-time—that provide a complete medical history form. Treatment in the office is confidential and cost is included in your tuition. Same day appointments are available on a first come, first served basis.

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The University Counseling Center supports all our students with confidential mental health counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, substance abuse, sexual assault, academic motivation, grief and other challenges. We are committed to the wellness of all our students, and there are no session limits or charges for our services. We also provide case management services for students seeking specialized care or help accessing resources in the New Orleans community.

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Mail and package service is provided for each residence hall at Loyola by Residential Life. Students have a mailbox for small mail items and students are notified of package delivery by a package receipt left in their campus mailbox. 

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Our students who commute to campus are an integral part of the Loyola community. We know commuter students can sometimes feel disconnected and uninformed living off campus. The Department of Student Involvement is here to help ease those anxieties and get all students connected to campus life. Satchmo’s lounge, in the lower level of the Danna Center, is a very popular commuter student space. Board games, darts, foosball, billiards, and other gaming equipment used in Satchmo’s can be checked out in the Student Involvement office.

The Commuter Student Association’s (CSA) sole purpose is to make Loyola’s commuter students feel welcome and appreciated. You can see events hosted by CSA on their OrgSync portal. CSA plans commuter specific events and uses feedback on how to better help those students who live off campus.

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All students are encouraged to take advantage of the library's collections and research databases, not to mention quiet study space!

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Online Student Resources

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