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About Academic Advising & Success Coaching

Academic Advising

Our services are available to all of Loyola’s currently enrolled undergraduate students.  We specialize in assisting first-year students (including transfer students and re-admitted students) make the transition to college life and learning at Loyola.  First-year students are assigned an advisor-coach at the point of deposit. If you’re a first year student, you can expect to hear from your advisor-coach before school starts.

Connect with your advisor-coach via email or schedule an appointment.

Our Team

Success Coaching

Success coaching is a personalized program to support you in achieving your goals. Success coaches are full-time staff members or graduate assistants from in the Office of Academic Advising and Success Coaching. 

After regular success coaching, students should be able to...

  • Work with advisors/coaches to reflect on what knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs they will need to be successful in college and beyond.
  • Develop well thought out and specific plans of action to progress toward their stated academic, career and personal development goals. 
  • Connect with the resources and opportunities Loyola offers to support students.
  • Understand as fully as possible how to navigate college life and which offices are best suited to help with different questions and concerns.

Additional Services & Support