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Teaching at The Success Center


Several team members in the Pan-American Life Student Success Center teach courses in the Department of Special Studies and in other academic departments like English, Mathematics, History and Chemistry. The Student Success Center houses the Department of Special Studies. Our team also teaches important college-level skills in workshops, like using proper citations, overcoming procrastination, and exploring majors and careers. 

Special Studies (SPST)

The Department of Special Studies houses a range of courses focused on student development, learning strategies, wellness, and advocacy. Our focus is to teach students the skills they need to advocate for themselves and succeed in college while developing critical consciousness about other cultures, experiences, and learning styles. Our courses are inclusive of different backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives. Our course offerings range from zero to three credits, depending on course expectations. 

Academic Success Class

Students enrolled in Academic Success approach topics related to academic success and challenges that might imped the path to graduation. The course addresses the question of "what makes a student success in college?" Students learn strategies that may help improve their GPA and enrich their educational experience at Loyola. 

Sample Syllabus

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Calculate the grades needed to maintain academic good standing and financial aid eligibility.
  • Recognize the connection between academic and financial college plans.
  • Explain the obstacles the prohibited a stronger GPA in the past.
  • Create a plan to improve their GPA.
  • Implement learning strategies to improve their academic performance.

"I rarely ever felt judged by [professor] or my other peers when sharing my obstacles. It is refreshing because I am usually very shy when it comes to openly sharing in front of people. I believe this class helped me overcome that fear... that it's always okay to ask for help when trying to reach your goals."

- Enrolled Student from 2020

Special Studies Teaching & Learning Team

The Special Studies Teaching & Learning team includes team members with teaching experience in the department and in other disciplines. They provide support to new and continuing instructors on course content, delivery, and assessment strategies. They review new course proposals and make recommendations to Liz Rainey, the chair of the department of special studies.