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Early Alerts

Each semester, we ask professors to provide feedback about the students in their classes early in the semester. We use this process to identify students who might benefit from outreach, tutoring or other support services. Faculty are asked to indicate academic or attendance concerns.

If you are teaching and would like instructions to post early warning notes, please visit this Academic Affairs page

What do I do if I see an Early Alerts on LORA?

If you notice your professor flagged you for academics or attendance, you should first speak with your instructor to let him or her know that you saw the note. Ideally, speak to your instructor during office hours. We also recommend students consult with their academic advisors for ways to improve their grades or to visit the Student Success Center to learn about tutoring, workshops, coaching, and support. 

Most importantly, remember this process is intended to ensure you have the resources you need to be successful at Loyola. All students struggle from time to time, and that is part of the normal academic journey. 

What does "satisfactory progress" mean?

When faculty are asked to review their class roster, they must provide a flag for each student. If you see a note that says "satisfactory progress," it means your professor entered early warning notes but did not have a concern about you. In other words, it's a good sign!

What does "academic difficulty" mean?

Academic difficulty designates that your performance on early assignments indicates you could be doing better. We recommend checking in with your professor to better understand the nature of the concern. 

What if I don't see anything next to my classes?

While we encourage all faculty to participate in the early warning process, we may not have information to share for each course. If you do not know where you stand in a course, speak with your professor during office hours. Office hours for each of your professors are listed on your course syllabi.