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Students Seeking to Register with Accessible Education

Requesting Accommodations

How do I begin?

OAE will need information about how your disability is likely to impact you here at Loyola. Any information/documentation students can readily share during or prior to their first meeting is helpful and can save the need for follow up meetings with OAE. Please submit the Accommodation Request Form* to OAE by: 

  • bringing it to the Student Success Center's front desk on the second floor of Monroe Library
  • emailing it to
  • faxing it to 504-865-3543
  • mailing it to: Office for Accessible Education, 6363 St. Charles Avenue, P.O. Box 40, New Orleans, LA 70118

Learn more about documentation guidelines by going to this link OAE Documentation Guidelines

When should I start this process?

If you are a new student beginning classes in a Fall Semester, we recommend applying for accommodations over the summer, unless you are requesting housing accommodations, in which case we recommend beginning that process as soon as you have committed to attending Loyola and have paid your deposit.  Continuing students should apply as soon as they can preferably at the start of a semester.  No matter when you apply for accommodations, do keep in mind that accommodations, if approved, do NOT apply retroactively.

If you already have accommodations and wish to modify your request, schedule to meet with your designated Coordinator. Please know that you may need to submit additional documentation in support of the requested accommodation(s.)

Steps to Take:

Review the Accommodation Request Form and the guidelines for documentation.

Submit your Accommodation Request Form (or the student part of the form and other approved documentation to OAE.)  Please note that documentation is not automatically forwarded from your previous high school or college. Documentation submitted to the University's Health Services, Counseling Services, or Athletic Department is not shared with the OAE.

Contact the Office for Accessible Education for registration information and to set up a meeting.

  • Students with last names A - K should schedule a meeting with Briana Brown
  • Students with last names L - Z  should schedule a meeting with Amy King

(Dial 7-1-1 to use Hamilton Relay in Louisiana or call one of the toll-free numbers.)

Participate in a meeting with an OAE Team Member to discuss reasonable academic accommodations that, if implemented, would provide equal access to a university-sponsored course, program, or activity.

Academic and Housing

Emotional Support Animals (the Accommodation Request Form and this additional form must be submitted)

Accommodation Request Form (PDF) Accommodation Request Form for ESAs (PDF)

(Note: We will gladly attempt to review various types of documentation to help satisfy guideline criteria; a form has been made available as an option for providing updated information or if other types of documentation are not available.)

If determined eligible for accommodations, students must:

  • For academic accommodations – Identify the specific courses for which implementation will be necessary and notify all relevant instructors, each semester, of your accommodations via the OAE electronic portal (found in your apps using single sign on.)

  • For non-academic accommodations (housing, meal plan, or other accommodation request) –Collaborate with an OAE Accessibility Coordinator to properly notify relevant staff, and/or schedule any necessary meetings. 

  • Continue to engage in an interactive process with OAE and the course instructor to discuss specific implementation and ongoing effectiveness of the accommodation.

Examples of Accommodations Offered

Frequently Asked Questions