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OWLS Online Appointment Help

Step 1: Schedule an Online Appointment on WCONLINE

1. Log into your Loyola Single Sign-On account

2. Click on OWLS app under Quick Links to log in to our WCONLINE appointment system site, or go directly to

Follow the same steps as when creating a face-to-face appointment. However, be sure to select a consultant with “Online” listed under their name and click the “Yes. Schedule Online Appointment.” button under the “Meet Tutor Online?” option.

Step 2: Join an Online Appointment on WCONLINE

Online consultations are done through WCONLINE in real-time, meaning you will join the appointment at the scheduled time and work with the consultant through live chat. Be sure to have a digital version of your writing project on hand to upload to the system.

1. A few minutes before your appointment, log in to the OWLS appointment system.

2. Find your appointment and click on it to open the appointment form.

3. Scroll to “Meet Tutor Online?” and click “Start or Join Online Consultation.” This will open the consultation screen.

4. The consultation screen has a live chat area on the right side, a document collaboration space or “whiteboard” area in the middle, and a toolbar at the top. There are instructions in the whiteboard space for how to use each section.

5. To upload a file, click the “two arrows” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen above the chatbox. To upload your paper, you can either copy and paste your paper directly into the whiteboard space or upload a file. Either method may impact the formatting of your document as WCONLINE converts the document to simple text.

6. A pop-up message will appear giving you the option to import or export a file. To import a file, click “Choose File” and use the file navigator to select and open the file you want to upload.

7. Once the file is selected, click “Import Now.” When another box pops up asking you to confirm the import, click “OK,” and your file will populate the whiteboard space.

8. You will chat with your tutor using the chat bar in the bottom right corner. Your typing will be color-coded in the chatbox. To change the color of your typing, click the colored icon in the top right corner. You and the tutor can also type directly into the document on the whiteboard space, making comments and revising as you go. Your comments will also be color-coded. After your appointment is complete, you can return to your document in WCONLINE at any time to refer to the comments or use the import/export function to download a copy.

9. Close the window to exit the session.

NOTE: If you have issues with the online appointment system, try closing and restarting or changing your browser.

These instructions adapted from The Miller Writing Center at Auburn University